Hunter Zaun

felinoid beastman, big and strong


HP ████ 4
AC: 16
Damage Reduction: 1 (Con Bonus)
XP: 828

Strength: ████████████████ 16 2
Dexterity: ██████░░░░ 6 -1
Constitution: █████████████ 14 +1
Intelligence: ███████████ 11 +/-0
Wisdom: ████████░░ 8 -1
Charisma: ████████████ 12 -/

Head: Bronze Murmillo Helmet. +2 AC
Torso: Bronze Chainmail Shirt +2 AC
Right Arm: Bronze Manicae +2 AC
Left Arm: Bronze Manicae +2 AC
Right Leg: Leather Skirt and Boots. +1 AC
Left Leg: Leather Skirt and Boots +1 AC
Shield: Crab Chitin Shield +1 AC

Weapon: Bronze Warhammer 2 attack 1d6Str<heavy> <medium> <bludgeoning>
Weapon: Star Metal Spear (Can banish outsiders when they are struck) -1 to attack 1d6+Str <medium> <piercing> <banishing>
Shield: -2 attack (STR) and 1d6STR damage <bludgeoning>

2 Giant Spiders: Self Defence

2 Fire beetles, now deceased.
1 Fire Beetle Egg (Acquired by Usaki)

Sold Treasure Map to Witch’s Treasure for 17 Gold Pieces

Serevan and Zaun share inventory, their overall inventory is kept track of in the ‘Cart’ dropdown
16 Inventory Slots
|11 Equipment Slots| |One Backsack| |1 Pouch| |no Empty Slots|
Helmet, Breastplate, Bracers, Greaves, Shield, Weapon. |Sack: Fungal Wood Box of Cigars: 46,Half a Cigar of loose tobacco, 2 Bottles of Cheap Vodka, 1 flask of lamp oil, 1 Lamp, 25 feet of rope. Tinderbox, 3 Candles| Pouch: 1 Waterskin|

Companion: 1 Venomous Brachanid: Shaper modified canid equivalent. Commonly found in marshy areas in the underworld though some variants can be found in drier areas, an aquatic variant also exists.
AC: 14 – Bite Attack: 1d4 – Has same movement on land and in water – HP 4
Venomous: extra 1d6 Poison damage on successful attack.
Alpha: Venomous Brachanid
1 Bandit via bite and venom


Hunter Zaun

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